Mosquito traps are one of the most effective device on the market.

The technology is changing and more and more mosquito traps are being designed.

The best mosquito traps or that is to say the mosquito traps that work are the units that act with a light to attract insects and then a fan to vacuum the insects into a container or trap.

Other units use a light and a heat sensor than simulates the body temperature of a human.

Still some other units are using pheromones to attract mosquitoes and pheromones to deter mosquitos. These are relatively new models that have yet to be tested.

A human pheromones would potentially attract a mosquito.

On the other hand, a male mosquito pheromone would deter female mosquitoes as the female mosquitos fly away from the male mosquito.

When should I use a mosquito trap?   Mosquitoes are active year round in some parts of the world, while in other parts of the world they hibernate.  Once temperature levels reach 50°F on a consistent basis, mosquitoes will emerge from hibernation.

Mosquitoes respond to body heat, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the smell of a potential blood source’s skin.  Try not to wear any perfumes or fragrances.